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Beer Review - Gamorrean Ale


A pint of red Gamorrean Ale on the table.
A Pint of Gamorrean Ale

I texted my buddy, “Tomorrow is a red ale day.”

He texted back, “Everyone has a 3.25 red ale!”

That was my hope and expectation!

Returning to Oga’s Cantina at Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I knew that Gamorrean Ale, a Red Amber Ale, was my targeted pint for my 45-minute visit. The beer has a 5.2% ABV with only 22 IBUs and is brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company from Fort Collins, Colorado. It has a nice red shade. But the word light is what comes to mind with flavor. It has some light maltly flavor with a light touch of hops. It’s a very approachable light-tasting beer that any bounty hunter can sample. But for myself, I preferred Bad Motivator IPA as a more aggressive beer, as my potential Oga’s go-to beer.

New Belgium Brewing Company is a craft beer legend. It was founded by a couple in their basement as home brewers. Over the next several years they took the Fat Tire Brand from their home to national distribution and grew a sizable brewery as they grew through territory out of the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds. Today they are the tenth largest brewery by production in the United States. But their story changed like many craft beer pioneers. But instead of closing, the co-founder and first brewer left for other pursuits. His ex-wife led the growth of the brewery with a strong cadre of employees, to the point they sold to Kirin, a Japanese beverage company for nice profit for a home business. This sale removed them from eligibility as a craft brewery as a key requirement is the company cannot be owned by another beverage entity. You likely know New Belgium today not for Fat Tire but for Voodoo Ranger, the highest-selling IPA by volume in the United States. The brewery has the history and sales to show they can make a very competent well-made ale, even please the staff of Jabba’s Palace! 

A partially drank pint of Gamorrean Ale
Lacing on a Mostly Finished Pint

Who Drinks This? You have your window at Oga’s, and you want a beer not a sweeter cocktail. Maybe, it’s the price of other options that took you out of the market. But beer is a little much for you and you want something safe. Despite Gamorrean tusks and the color of the beer, this is your safe approachable option which makes beer that has been validated by the masses. And as my friend pointed out, everyone has a 3.25 red ale. Gamorrean Ale is definitely Batuu’s.

But for me…I’d prefer to drink a different ale from Oga’s taps.

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