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Beer Review - Bad Motivator IPA


A pint of golden Bad Motivator IPA sitins on the Oga's bar.
Bad Motivator IPA

Oga’s Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is more than drinks. It’s an experience. The fact you’re drinking droid-free, except DJ Rex spinning some tunes, always provides a perfect refreshment break on any day in the park.

Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Bad Motivator IPA pays tribute to R5-D4, who may have joined CP30 on this adventure to save the galaxy if it wasn’t for one bad motivator. As we all know, nerd alert, provided R2-D2 the chance to take the stage and achieve galaxy hero status. The beer itself is a very traditional but crisp IPA. It has a 50 IB so that you can taste the finish of the hops, but it’s not as overwhelming as a double IPA or as juicy as a hazy IPA. Crisp and clean, with just enough flavor to not overwhelm, but maybe not enough for a big hophead. Hop Head being the Bounty Hunter that Darth Vader sent after Han Solo who was just right off-screen in The Empire Strikes Back. Seriously, a hop would be the perfect model of a plant-based Star Wars character, I mean if a prune can do it why not a hop? For me, the hop bite was gentle in this straw-colored opaque liquid. But I think for my drinking partner, who does not like IPA, it may have been too much! 

Robot DJ spins tunes for Oga's patrons.
DJ Rex Spinning Tunes for Oga's Patrons

Bad Motivator IPA is a solid drinker. It is what you expect from a traditional IPA. It’s refreshing and crisp. It does have a sneaky 8 ABV, which did sneak up on me a little later, thank goodness I had only one. It also amused me and helped me enter the fantasy of Star Wars. The glass shape shows off expertly the carbonation bubbles from the draft as they streak from the bottom to the top for nearly the entire drinking. It may make me feel like I had a space drink in this space bar.

This is also an offering from an important historical craft brewery that knows hops. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company formed in 1979, sat aside other early modern craft breweries like Anchor Brewing and New Albion Brewing to bring American drinkers styles beyond lagers and pils while showcasing hops. Their Pale Ale is a constant best-seller for decades that highlights cascade hops and brings fruity citrus flavors in a cup. New Albion closed before I could drink, and 2023 saw the end of Anchor Brewing! So like R2-D2 since his motivator was working, they are the last California droid standing! 

A half full glass of Bad Motivator IPA with foam lacing on the glass sides.
Lacing on a half full glass of Bad Motivator IPA

Who Drinks This? Your family has convinced you that you need to participate in their Star Wars experience, and they offered you the carrot that you get a beer in the middle of your day because they want to relive the classic cantina scene from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (it will always be Star Wars to me). You’ve dropped a little more cash than you wanted because of an extra droid your middle Jedi purchased. And now you just want something a little more predictable. Sure, it costs at least $2 more than other park beers. Yet money has proven not to be real based on the lightsaber strapped to your oldest youngling. Bad Motivator IPA is a professionally made craft beer, you know you will taste the flavor and it will meet your craft expectations. This IPA is a little bit of reality in the middle of sci-fi fantasy.


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