Thursday, February 1, 2024

Beer Review - Sow Select Dunkle

Central Florida gets cold, friends! It's like 39 degrees, sunny, and delightful. There’s a good chance you would get a tan if it weren’t for the puffy jackets. Seriously, if it’s under 55 degrees, throw on that sweatshirt from your favorite obscure brewery! Because you’ve only got so many days to accessorize with it.

A pint of dark Sow Select Dunkle
A Pint of Ravenous Pig's Sow Select Dunkle

It’s a chilly Florida Sunday, and I’m living large in my favorite Midwestern brewery sweatshirt! Now, a great place to people-watch and show off my entire outfit is Polite Pig in Disney Springs. I was delighted to see they had a seasonal beer in the Sow Select Dunkle that matched the sunny un-Floridian chill. I took a big sip and found myself enjoying a beer built for a winter day. It was dark from the malts, with the malt coming forward to provide some bready flavor, but not so overpowering that anyone would call it a stout, porter, or imperial. The 23 IBUs barely registered on my palate. And there was a funk that tells a beer drinker this beer has German origins. With a 4.3% ABV, I easily could have more than one or even sample other Ravenous Pig craft beers on the menu.

Dunkel is German for dark. While dark beer is scary for some, this is a style that is a flurry of flavor, not a blizzard of dark malt heaviness. If you like the big-box beer brands, Dunkels share the same tradition as the beers you generally drink. Dunkels are a German lager hiding behind some malt-inspired color and flavor. But they don’t fill you up or hit you with high alcohol levels in the same way that a big stout would. Ravenous Pig, the craft brewing sibling to the Polite Pig barbecue restaurant, executes Sow Select Dunkle right to style, and you cannot go wrong sampling it when you’re cold.

A Polite Pig Hop Select Pretzel
Polite Pig's Hop Select Pretzel

Who Drinks This: Do you enjoy a beer on the beach with a book or watching the boats go by? That beer is likely a lager. But it’s cold now, and a lager doesn’t fit the mood as you watch shoppers jump from store to store at Disney Springs. You need a flavor that takes that lager and screams winter. That’s Sow Select Dunkle! Craft beer fans, macro beer fans, anyone can appreciate this well-executed brisket accompaniment. It also helps wash down a big pretzel or award-winning BBQ as well! For me, I can drink it any month of the year, but when it’s chilly and you’re bundled up—whatever that means—it definitely can fit the mood of your vacation.

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