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Beer Review - La 150° Ambrata

A pint of La 150° Ambrata with the Italian pavillion in the background
A pint of La 150° Ambrata

I’m working on it, but apparently, I am a beer snob. I like craft, dark, thick, high ABV beers. What I don’t reach for are generally lagers and pils so far away from the beers that I love. AND I’M SUPER OUTSPOKEN ABOUT IT! But maybe there are gateway brews to get me back to those as I have heard so many times that lagers are the favorite beers of brewers and the hardest to achieve as there is no latitude for error!

I was walking the World Showcase with friends. While wandering, some of the members of our group noticed a wine cart in Italy that was selling something with Limoncello and they were in. Now, I had never considered Italian beer as it’s not pizza, pasta, or calzone! But since I was making a purchase, I thought I would add something for myself and grabbed a “La 150° Ambrata”. I had never heard of it, so at least it was something new!

“La 150° Ambrata” is listed as a Red Lager. It is Amber in color, though the light tones still allow you to see light through the pint. There are some darker malts used to achieve the color, which also provides a nice sweet yet bready flavor. And with 30 IBUs, the hops play nicely with that malt, creating a nice balance that lets you know you are drinking something substantial. Yeah, Red Lager!

Wait, what’s a Red Lager? That’s a Marzen? How do we know Marzen? Oktoberfest! But this is an Italian beer brewed by Birra Menabrea, not a German roll-out-the-barrel Octoberfest. Also, it’s not July when those hit the market as they keep coming out earlier and earlier every year. Marzens have traditionally been brewed in spring, with darker malt and more hops than traditional lager to help the flavor stick till it was drunk in the fall. But really, Marzen is a dark lager brewed by lager brewers. And while this is not a German Marzen, Piedmont the home of the brewery, is a northern Italian region that borders Switzerland, which borders Germany, and geographically, Europe as Epcot shows are countries just footsteps away. So, with many of us having our favorite American Octoberfests, do we not have room in our hearts for Italy?

Speaking of Birra Menabrea, it was established in 1846 in the foothills of the Alps. It is still run by the great-great-great-grandson of the founder, making it a true legacy family business. Birra Menabrea is Italy’s oldest brewery.

With a ABV of 5%, this was super drinkable strolling around the World! The biggest lesson we learned, Disney PhotoPass photographers are more than happy to take pictures with you and your beverages. They will set you up for a cheers picture. However, they won’t create a Magic Shot for you where Olaf joins you for an adult beverage!

Who Drinks This?: I have often complained that there Octoberfest season is too short! Americans, we love and drink barrels and barrels of Samual Adams Octoberfest. If you like the Sam Adams flagship, reach for a Yuengling Octoberfest, it’s just a little more flavorful and biscuity! But if at home, you enjoy the fall beer season, at Epcot a visit to Italy will let you love that style all year long, even if you are not in Germany! “La 150° Ambrata” is also a beer for beer snobs, who need to work their way towards lighter styles, one space on the color wheel at a time!


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Beer Review - La 150° Ambrata

A pint of La 150° Ambrata I’m working on it, but apparently, I am a beer snob. I like craft, dark, thick, high ABV beers. What I don’t rea...