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Cocktail Review - Frozen Coke and Jagermeister

Frozen coke and Jager with the St. George and the Dragon Statue in the background
St. George, the Dragon, and a Licorice Treat!

Google, “Where is the frozen Coke and Jager at Epcot?”


Google, “Where can I buy the frozen Coke and Jägermeister at the Germany Pavilion in Epcot?”

Results…at a kiosk inside the pavilion.

I searched and searched and searched for an answer to this. Honestly, as a grown man, I hate asking for directions. I just want the web to tell me where to find stuff. I’m also a weirdo in two ways. I love black licorice. I don’t know anyone else who does in my world. But I love it. So usually a licorice-inspired beer is something I don’t need to share but get all to myself. Also, in the days of my super productive young adulthood, I never had a Jager era. I’ve never had it! I was too busy working when I should have been drinking this spirit! But when my wife found a TikTok with a frozen Coke and Jager that tasted like black licorice, she told me this unicorn was out there.

A coke and jager on ground.
A tasty cool treat!

This drink is 100% what is advertises itself as. It’s a frozen Coca-Cola with a heavy pour of Jägermeister liquor in the bottom. When you get the cup, there is a clear line between the Jager and the frozen Coke. With the straw at the button of the cup on a first sip, you get a shot of the dark Jager and only the Jager. If you pull the straw into frozen Coke, you get all Coke. This leaves you to finish the cocktail by stirring stirring stirring so the two liquids marry each other. Yes, this will melt quite a bit of the Coke, but the layer left on top will keep the drink nice and chill on a nice day. The taste is exactly what you expect a cola with a licorice tone…a light one in my eyes. 

A German building at Epcot with a Green Beer sign.
Look for the Green Bier Sign

Where do you actually find this? I saw posts, there were not a lot, that said, deep into the Germany Pavillion. That is incorrect. It’s found at the Germany Bier Stand near St. George and the Dragon. Me, I was thinking I would need to go back as far as Sommerfest, but you can see it easily on the walkway and jump in line. But middle-aged men beware, you may need to ask like I did. It’s not on the menu, though you can clearly see the frozen Coke machine from the line. This just reminds us, sometimes when you explore the world it can be a struggle to find the treats you are looking for!

Who Drinks This?: Weirdos like me! I don’t drink a lot of pop, but this might be a way for me to drink Coke. I just don’t see myself drinking a lot of it as there are many options to consider. But on a hot day when I want something black licorice in tone, I would 100% do this again. If you don’t like black licorice, you need to stay away!

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